There’s no shortage of free PDF readers, however, applications that’ll convert PDFs to other formats is significantly more difficult to come by. That is why we’ve gathered together with of the very best free PDF converters in one place, picking only the most versatile.
Many convert PDF software programs incorporate optical character recognition (OCR) applications (applications that allows you to scan paper docs and convert them to PDFs and other formats). But if your primary aim is to convert PDFs into editable text, then you may choose to check out our Document Scanning Services site.

The software’s best feature is the single dialog box that consolidates all of your PDF creation options in one location. In addition to the usual alternatives for defining a filename and folder, the utility provides an option of PDF output , and a check box lets you ship the PDF within an e-mail attachment. This is also the place to specify 40-bit or 128-bit privacy and encryption preferences. The panel lets you pick, too, the way the document will display, providing you with options for setting zoom degrees, adding water marks, and more–features that other programs, such as Adobe Acrobat, bury deep within their menus. In the end, you could save many settings as profiles that it is possible to re use for future tasks –still another welcome convenience.

Icecream PDF Converter
This didn’t always run smoothly for us. 1 evaluation PDF had its images missing from the initial DOCX, and extracting text from PDFs also had some issues (the written text seemed right, but we detected a few binary garbage where images used to be). Text extraction sometimes takes some time, too. On a relatively strong PC, the program might use upto 4 5 seconds per page when switching PDF > RTF; if you should be batch-converting documents with tens of thousands of pages then patience will likely be required. Most of our conversions delivered very good benefits, though, of course, when you need this sort of tool Icecream PDF Converter may be well worth a try.

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Along with converting PDF to Word formats, PDFMate PDF Converter Free may also convert into your other editable formats, as well as extract images from the PDF.

Wondershare PDF Converter
Wondershare PDF Converter Pro converts PDF files to Word, Excel, PowerPoint, HTML, image, e pub (having the means to incorporate your book pay ), and text formats, however it can’t convert files from all those formats into PDF. Wondershare, the program’s maker, points out the versions of Microsoft Office possess PDF creation capabilities built in–but many other Windows applications lack PDF outputsignal, and I’d expect to obtain a PDF production feature in an app such as this.


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